70 m2
Brand strategy - Creation of original store concept - Development, interior design and layout, Furniture design, Lighting design - Roll-out, Project management


- Launch an innovative “hair/be- Launch an innovative concept centring on the meeting between two delicacies – wine and chocolate – usually sold through distinct distribution networks.

- Establish a high-end destination store that is as powerful and referential as NICOLAS for wine or JEFF DE BRUGES for chocolate.

- Create, legitimate and reinforce the link between these two products.

- Overcome technical difficulties to display them within a single point of sale, even though they are conserved at radically different temperatures.

- Through the store design and merchandising strategy, highlight the linkages between the world of wine and the world of chocolate by displaying the products in a harmoniously and coherently laid-out environment that allows each product to express itself freely.

- Create a unified point of sale by capitalising on the synergies between customer behaviour while shopping for chocolate or wine: choosing one or several products from among a large palette of flavours; making a purchase potentially linked to a tasting; making a personal or gift purchase.

- Create a unique store, emancipated from the traditional wine and chocolate selling models, by playing with the fusion and mix of the merchandising principles specific to these two products (loose or highlighted display, etc.)

- Facilitate discovery of the product range and strengthen the store’s consumer-friendliness by organising it around a central tasting counter (which also serves as a dematerialised point of sale.

- Confer a strong and easily appropriable identity by designing a sober and graphical décor around a bi-tonal harmony – deep crimson and suave cocoa – that evokes the sensual meeting of these two exceptional products.