600 – 1000 m2
China (Shanghai), United States (New York), France (Paris), Thailand (Bangkok)
Development of an original flagship store concept – Interior design and layout, Network roll-out, Project management.
Collaboration with Christophe Pillet, Design Director at Lacoste


- Re-establish a balance between the quality of the Lacoste product range and the standing of the Lacoste stores.

- Incite customers to re-appropriate the flagship store on the Champs-Elysées and visit both floors, despite the lack of an escalator and the two separate street entrances.

- Organise and promote the entire product range to the customers, presenting it in such a manner that they perceive its richness, understand its structure and discover the product offering intuitively, in a customer-friendly atmosphere that generates purchases.

- Create a concept that perpetuates the brand’s history and intangible heritage, builds on the Lacoste myth, and can easily be rolled-out world wide, including in historical buildings (forexample, in New York).
- Revitalise the customer flow in the Champs-Elysées store by redefining the zoning: create a refined, balanced and harmonious environment, whose rhythm is punctuated by strong experiential zones that draw customers in and invite them to pursue their exploration.

- Open and widen the space by doing away with as many obstacles as possible, thus creating optimal ambulatory comfort and visual impact.