3 stars / 130 - 150 rooms
France (Clermont-Ferrand, Le Havre)
Creation of original concepts - Development, interior design and layout, Furniture design - Project management
Restaurant / Bar / Reception / Lobbies / Conference room


- Renovation of a historical ACCOR Group franchise, ruled by one imperative: undertake the renovation while the hotel is still in operation.

- Re-think the restaurant spaces with an eye for greater comfort, better ergonomics and fluidity between the various meal services, as well as optimise the restaurant’s uptake rate.

- Re-inject a dose of modernity into the décor to seduce not only tourists, but also business customers.

- In all things, abide by ACCOR’s charter and environmental standards.

- Conceive a “multifaceted” restaurant with several possible configurations, from “single room catering” to private salons.

- Optimise the setting’s modularity and ergonomics by creating custom-made restaurant furniture that adapts itself to the needs and requirements of the three main daily meal services.

- In reference to the nearby regional airport, create design that harks back to 1930s aviation thanks to contemporary stylistic touches.