Audrey Lavielle
Alexandre Anzo

The experience that is our signature is first and foremost the one that operates within the creative and entrepreneurial tandem formed by Audrey Lavielle and Alexandre Anzo.

Having individually explored architecture, furniture design, stage design, photography and even visual identity, the multitalented interior architects-designers decided to combine their talents and expertise (hotels and gastronomy for her, fashion and beauty for him) to create an original approach to commercial architecture that repositions the client at the heart of the creative process.

The conundrum: how to transform a simple “store” into a place with a “soul”, which also drives sales... First, Audrey and Alexandre imagine the overall experience, mentally tracing the future client’s visit, their movements and interactions with the store and personnel. Then, they work on the volumes, defining the sales areas, creating the furniture and furnishings right down to the slightest object, choosing the textures and colours... In other words, they analyse the context and carefully script the story, all the while giving free rein to their imagination and intuition.

United by their mutual passion for architecture and design, these two graduates of the prestigious Camondo School - Arts Décoratifs de Paris (which also counts among its graduates Jean-Michel Wilmotte, Pierre Paulin and Philippe Starck) excel at pooling their know-how and drawing on each other’s expertise and experience to cultivate their creativity. The synergies between them forms the basis for the strategic, creative and technical acumen that is the trademark of EXPERIENCE & DESIGN.

Over the years, this special form of chemistry – this alchemy – has seduced a growing number of emblematic and demanding brands, both in France and abroad.
Fresh out of Camondo, Audrey Lavielle started working on luxury hotel projects around the world. Putting to work her considerable talent and research as a master-colourist, she developed products and product ranges for major textile, rug, lighting and furniture companies involved in the construction or renovation of four- and five-star establishments. It wasn’t long before she was asked to design trendbooks and give conferences for prestigious design and beauty brands.

Audrey composes her various universes through interior design, furnishings, objects, materials and colours, telling the client (or guest) an original and custom-designed story for each place –a story where they will play a part.

Soon she began collaborating with Alexandre Anzo, a designer and developer of minimalist commercial objects, furniture and interiors for major international brands such as Yves Saint-Laurent, Shiseido and Comme des Garçons.

Back at the beginning of his creative career in the late 1990s, Alexandre Anzo applied what Anglo-Saxons called the “French touch” in music to product design and interior architecture. Following the musical trend of transcending 1970s and 1980s pop and minimalism, he explored a new “non-style”: Rather than create a repertory, visual or plastic language, or specific chromatic range, he stripped all these elements of their styles and decorum to reach the desired simplicity and truthfulness.

His first accessories line for Adidas and Decathlon, thus “created by subtraction”, was much lauded and exhibited at the Salon des Artistes Décorateurs (SAD) interior designer show, “Dehors les Designers” outdoor furniture show, and the Design Biennal of the city of Saint-Etienne.

Alexandre Anzo then engaged in numerous collaborations with set designers and graphic designers, discovering and relishing the opportunities offered by projects situated at the intersection of several disciplines. He formed a partnership with Audrey Lavielle, whose creative journey with prestigious clients such as Concorde, Marriott International and Novotel is as unique as it is remarkable. Audrey – often working in association with Renzo Piano – designs numerous luxury hotels in Europe and develops trendbooks for major international hotel chains.