5 stars - 64 rooms / 32 single villas (65 m2) / 12 suite villas (145 m2) - 60 ha – Net floor area 8000 m2
Brazil (Northeast) – Opening late 2013
Conceptual architecture - Development, Interior design and layout, Furniture design
Rooms / Villas / Restaurants / Bars / Reception / Lobbies / Spa / Fitness / Pools / Conference centre


Create and build an innovative luxury spa resort concept (the first in its category), giving pride of place to the notion of care, relaxation and pleasure and doing away with traditional international luxury hotel codes to offer the customer a uniquely exotic and authentic experience.

- Re-interpret the spa concept by inviting a private care facility into each villa

- Design lodging permeated by Brazilian architecture, made up of simple and pure lines and transparency, and blending harmoniously with an exceptionally preserved wild environment.

- Offer the customer a unique, intimate and voluptuous – hence luxurious – experience by creating villas that are largely open onto the outside, using nature as an integral element of the décor.

- Through a mirror effect, invite nature into the villas by using noble materials and colour palettes that fully explore nature’s rich chromatic range.